Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Gastropost Dinner | Candela Lounge

last night i was presented with an amazing opportunity to join the ranks of 7 other food lovers, as well as representatives from Gastropost & Taste Alberta for dinner @ Candela Lounge, where i took part in a discussion on local & wholesome food.

it was amazing to connect with some great individuals who share the same passion for food as i do and engage in some great conversation about the importance of sourcing and utilizing local products and defining what wholesome actually means.
the whole evening was wonderful and the food was stunning on the eyes and palette.

thank you so much for the invitation, it was an amazing experience, and one i won't soon forget.  cheers.  xo.

pork belly |  tamarind, maple, chili, green apple slaw

gnocchi |  chorizo, ricotta cheese, heirloom tomatoes, cream, arugula

baked apple |  vanilla mascarpone & maples, coconut meringue, salted caramel

Saturday, 25 April 2015

2 clever cooks | chocolate haystacks

i'm so pumped/excited/over-the-moon today.
two fellow calgarians, erin & dana, have now released their second cookbook 'more people friendly food,' a follow up to their first book 'people friendly food.'
this cookbook focuses on gluten-free & dairy free cooking and even includes a grain-free & super foods section.

i truly believe in supporting local whenever possible, whether it's going to the farmers market, choosing restaurants that buy from local producers, or giving a shout out to people who are making a go at it in the alberta food scene.  local is key.

and with so many people struggling with allergies today, to those who just choose to eat healthier and be mindful of what they put in their bodies.  these books are perfect.
erin & dana are creative geniuses in the kitchen.  finding ways to make meals wonderfully delicious while using good-for-you ingredients.
adaptable to people struggling with allergies of all types, yet flexible enough that you can substitute ingredients if they don't pertain to you. 

while thumbing through the cookbook i came across so many recipes that i have bookmarked and hope to have on my dinner table soon.
soon like now.

rosemary root vegetable mash
coconut curry salmon with cilantro pesto
mushroom potato rosti
blueberry almond pancakes
etc, etc.

but today it's all about chocolate.
chocolate haystacks.

a childhood favourite, revamped with better for you ingredients, so naturally you can eat more of them.


Chocolate Haystacks

2 cups coconut
2/3 cup raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder, but won't be quite as nutritious)
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
pinch salt

mix everything together in a food processor until combined (you can also do this by hand, but it comes together a little better in a food processor)
drop from a teaspoon onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and refrigerate until firm

yields: 2-3 dozen

thanks for letting me share this recipe ladies.
for more delicious recipes just like it, you can purchase a copy of both cookbooks either on-line or in select health food stores.
trust me, you'll want to!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

superfood energy bites

everything that's healthy in my pantry co-mingling in a healthy, popable, can't-ever-eat-just-one, snack bite.
you're welcome.xo.

superfood energy bites

1 1/4 cup quick oats
3/4 cup unsweetened coconut
1/4 - 1/2 cup flax seeds, ground
1/2 cup combination (sunflower seeds, pepitas, dried cranberries)
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1/2 cup almond butter
1/3 cup organic honey
1 teaspoon vanilla

in large bowl combine almond butter, honey, and vanilla, mix well.  add in oats, coconut, flax seeds (starting with a 1/4 cup), chia seeds, stir to combine.  if mixture is still too wet add in a little more flax seeds.  fold in sunflower seeds, pepitas, and dried cranberries.
refridgerate mixture for 30 minutes.  once chilled roll into balls.
store in air-tight container in the fridge.
yields: 15-25 balls depending on size.
adapted from my nutella & flax energy bites

Chez Francois | Canmore

waking up in the mountains on a monday morning has to be the best feeling ever.
the crisp air, a warm cup of coffee, and a view that words simply cannot do justice, leaves me feeling restored and ready to tackle the week ahead.

mr. handsome & i took the opportunity following our epic progressive dinner on sunday at canmore uncorked, to settle in for the night, fireplace crackling, mountains in the background, and glass of wine in our hands.

the only thing that can top it?
knowing that when i wake up, breakfast will be calling my name.
it did, and i answered.
canmore you did it again.  i love you.

mexican style eggs |  scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onions, cilantro, hot sauce, salsa.  w/ multigrain toast, homestyle potatoes & fruit

north american combo |  scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, home style potatoes bacon & sausage, fresh fruit

Monday, 13 April 2015

canmore uncorked | peaks of canmore progressive dinner

this year i was invited to participate in canmore uncorked; a 13-day food & drink festival set among the backdrop of the canadian rocky mountains.
now in its second year, the festival, running from april 7-19, is offering two new signature events as well as special set price menus showcasing the town's remarkable dining experience.  participating restaurants  will feature three-course meals highlighting their signature dishes at either $19, $29, or $39.
in addition to the price fixed menu, diners (mr handsome & i included) can take part in progressive dinner tours that start out sampling craft beers at the grizzly paw brewery, before continuing on a guided tour of 4 or 5 restaurants, where you enjoy a signature dish and a perfectly paired glass of wine at each.

mr. handsome & i took part in the 'peaks of canmore' progressive tour, highlighting the finest restaurants canmore has to offer.
mountain mercato, sage bistro, crazyweed kitchen, murrieta's & habitat.
to say this dinner was great would be an understatement.   each course was beautifully plated, tasted heavenly and matched perfectly with a glass of wine.

here is a delicious snapshot into our evening.  cheers.  xo.

first the beer, then the food....

mountain mercato |  trio of crostini |  tomato & mozzarella di bufala, bundnerfleish, pickled fennel & truffle oil, fair winds chèvre & seasonal preserve

 sage bistro & wine lounge |  tuna salad nicoise |  rare-seared ahi tuna, haricot vert, anchovy, duck fat confit fingerling potato, local galimax tomato, quail egg, nicoise olives, vinaigrette 

 crazyweed kitchen |  sticky five spice spare ribs |  slow roast, thick 5 spice spare ribs w/ sweet, sticky, spicy sauce.  pickled vegetables w/ daikon & crispy potato ruffles

 murrieta's bar & grill | angus reserve tagliata, lemon garlic new potato, fresh herbs, wild arugula, grana padano

 habitat restaurant & bar |  creme brûlée duo |  caramel & orange-rosemary

is it too soon to start dreaming about next year?
i plan on keeping my calendar open so that i can take in some of the other events like long table dinner, whiskey festival, and of course, brunch.
canmore uncorked runs until april 19th.  for more infomration or for tickets visit

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