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tips | how to pack a picnic lunch

summer & picnics are an absolute must! every year we make sure to check this item off our bucket list, more than once of course.  whether we are at the beach, the top of a mountain, or simply enjoying it in a field, there is nothing quite as enjoyable.
you might be wondering what goes into the perfect picnic lunch? here's my take on some picnic packing ideas...

nibbles & bites

variety of cheesesvariety of meatsfresh fruithummus & veggiesnutsbaguettes & butterhard boiled eggsmains sandwiches/wrapsquichesalad (oil/vinegar dressing)rotisserie chicken
sweets cookiesbrownieslemon bars
beverages ice tealemonadearnold palmers (if you can't decide between ice tea & lemonade)winefruit infused water

happy picnicking!

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